Gentle Reminder – SETribe

Olá! This year of 2021 we hope to reach our goal of reaching 100 new members in our Tribe (Patreon community) to continue funding our music projects and videos. We believe this community has something for everyone to enjoy and we are thrilled to interact and get to know our tribe members during our Tribe meetings.
Why not sign up today to get a feel for the experience and view all past and future videos? Once you have selected your tier you will be charged monthly in return for our monthly video release.
Remember, you can opt out at any time! All the information on joining the Tribe is displayed on the Patreon page however if you have any questions we’d be happy to respond. Help us reach our goal, join the tribe and let’s enjoy this journey together!

LINK HERE: http://www.patreon.com/seveneyes

Seven Eyes

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