“At the top of their game…He’s a wonderful guitarist!” Jimmy Page, West London, 2017

In 2015, guitarist Paulo Vinícius from Brazil and UK vocalist Tanya Wells formed Seven Eyes, to compose, record  and perform music that brings together a number of diverse influences. The duo vary their instrumental and vocal lineup in order to explore a confluence of cultures, languages and genres.

 © ZeeShaan Jamal


Paulo’s European classical training has equipped him with a versatile, dynamic technique (and presence). From a background of the ‘Live Music Now’ series (founded by Yehudi Menuhin) to Brazilian acclaim (Winner of the Prêmio Revelação, Raphael Rabello Award), as Musical Director, Paulo brings a rich and varied experience to Seven Eyes. He is now known as a ‘guitabla’ player on the Indian Subcontinent as a result of his percussive Brazilian inflections and discerning ear for harmony, fusion and ‘groove’. As a guitarist he is busy, sought after and in demand.

Tanya & Paulo's WEB-342.jpg

Originally from London, Tanya spent several childhood years in India where language, diverse music and culture informed the ears and imagination of this talented singer. Her flexible vocal style has given her opportunities to perform with artists such as Anoushka Shankar, Joss Stone, Natacha Atlas, A.R. Rahman and Nitin Sawhney. With a double Masters (cum laude) in International Performance Research, Tanya now embraces the praxis of bringing cultures together to tell stories through music, film and theatre. Their newly released N38 single has been called a ‘Nashville meets East London crossover’ on which she even sings in English!

Seven Eyes have performed at the UN in New York. They are regulars on BBC Asian Network, BBC Urdu, and BBC World. Their debut album, The Seed, was enthusiastically received by live audiences during their 2017 tour of the UK, Europe, North America and Brazil. The duo have recently completed a trip to Pakistan and India, where they performed at a number of prestigious festivals, while collaborating with many exceptional artists from the Subcontinent.

These musicians are on a journey, the fruits of which are already becoming apparent.




  1. Tanya:

    Did you formally study Hindi or Urdu? Do you speak these languages?

    Love your rendering of the songs. Keep it up!



  2. Tanya,

    An incredible performance, a tour de force. I love your rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s: Gulon mein rang bhare, sung very gracefully. I have heard Jagit Singh’s rendition. But, yours ifs definitely better.




  3. Hey Tanya, I have waited six weeks for an answer! Come now, I am really curious about how you came to flawlessly sing Hindustani songs.



  4. I really love your songs.:)..Keep up the good work..:) have you been to the International Sahaj Public School in Dharamsala(India) as well?


  5. Hi, Tanya Wells and Paulo Vinicius both of you are amazing.
    When I first listen to your voice it was quite confused what to say simply both of your combinations is mesmerizing. Paulo Vinicius you are amazing, your guitar music is soothing.
    God Bless both of You. 🙂


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