Find Your Voice 2022

Find Your Voice Course with Tanya Wells will take place live on Zoom every Sunday during the following dates of 2022: 

1. Sunday 6th February 6pm CET

2. Sunday 13th February 6pm CET
3. Sunday 20th February 6pm CET
4. Sunday 6th March 6pm CET
5. Sunday 13th March 6pm CET
6. Sunday 20th March 6pm CET
The classes will be recorded and sent to you at the end of each lesson.


Ever since I travelled to India in 2007 to undertake a three month vocal course called Music Therapy, an Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music at Vaitarna Music Academy, I knew my life as a singer had been fundamentally influenced.

Accumulating the ancient knowledge of sound therapy from the Indian Subcontinent as well as Western singing techniques, I am now offering a six week intensive vocal course over the summer period called Find Your Voice. This course is catered to singers of ALL LEVELS who are interested in developing their technical ability, vocal strength and flexibility and harnessing their own musical identity.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for the course you will receive an email welcoming you to the course. We will meet up for a live session on Zoom every Sunday on the designated dates listed above.

Each lesson will be recorded and sent to you after the Zoom session so you can keep record of all the information. 


Breathing as Fuel
Understanding how breathing impacts vocal control. By practicing multiple breathing exercises singers on the course improve vocal projection and will gain an understanding of the ‘singer’s body’, engaging with supporting muscles that can impact the voice.

Warm Ups, Scales
Diving into multiple vocal exercises to warm up the voice and build upon notation control as well as speed control. 

Understanding various vocal tones and registers
Exploring connection of voice and body to explore registers of chest voice, head voice and mix voice. Understanding of placement in order to achieve a specific vocal tone and texture.

Practicing a range of Hindustani vocal exercises that allow for fast delivery of scales and notes in order to execute ornamented vocals with ease and agility.

Students will be given several ‘palta’ exercises/ scales/ patterns to practice their vocal agility and flexibility. 

Exploring multiple compositions of various genres (eg. Hindustani classical, Celtic, Jazz, Gospel) that apply vocal ornamentation.

Listening and performing. You will get a chance to perform a song of your choice, applying the techniques learnt during the course.