Shloka Course – Singing For Restorative Wellbeing

In this singing course I will be teaching you a series of ancient Vedic shlokas in Sanskrit, which are short hymns that have been embellished in a variety of raags (melodic framework) by the late Dr Arun Apte (registered medical practitioner in music therapy as certified by State of West Bengal).

Each shloka corresponds to a subtle energy centre in the body, also known in Sanskrit as chakra. Undertaking the music therapy course at Vaitarna Music Academy in India (2007), I was impressed by the healing nature of sound vibration and created this online course Singing For Restorative Wellbeing (SFRW) with the same material I learned in order to share this deep musical experience that aims to bring about inner balance and a peaceful mindset in both the singer and listener.


We will have a Zoom meeting once a month (during one whole year since you start the course) to go through course content and to solve or respond to any queries or questions you may have.