Singing for Restorative Wellbeing

Exclusive for FYV Students


On this course students will learn ancient Vedic shlokas in Sanskrit which can be sung to vibrate the energy centres in the subtle body (known in Sanskrit as chakras). Each shloka is composed in a specific raag/ melodic scale which corresponds to the frequency of each of the energy centres (of which there are principally seven along the spine and at the top of the head, see Chakra chart below).

Once enrolled on the course, which will be launched in late September 2021, students will receive access to all the training videos and its respective PDF outline for each shloka. You will also receive a ‘warm up your voice/ daily practice’ video as well as a full length recording of all the shlokas sung in order as a 20 mins (approx.) performance.


Furthermore, Tanya will have weekly meetings on Zoom with course students for the two months of October and November during various days and times to go through course content and answer any queries or questions you may have.

All students will be asked to join a Telegram group so we can exchange updates and share their progress throughout the course.