About Seven Eyes

Seven Eyes’ style is best described as ever-evolving world jazz music that is a harmonious blend of diverse cultures, languages and musical genres that influence them. Seven Eyes’ compositions transcends multiple genres – Jazz, Brazilian, Sufi/Hindustani music and Western classical music.

The duo have performed at the United Nations (UN) in New York, UN Geneva, EFG London Jazz Festival, TEDx Malaysia as well as Jashn-e-Rekhta festival in New Delhi, Faiz International Festival in Lahore amongst many other global festivals and events. They are regulars on radio stations such as the BBC Asian Network, BBC Urdu, and BBC World and are regarded for their appeal to bring together diverse music and various languages from around the world together in a single performance.

The name “SEVEN EYES” is an inspirational and aspirational idea that expresses a variety of perspectives, styles and influences of music. A multitude of meanings can be attributed to the name including the seven notes in a scale or the seven energy centres in the subtle body. A host of interpretations are welcomed by the duo.

Seven Eyes’ two studio albums The Seed and Senses were enthusiastically received by live audiences in the UK, Europe, North America, Middle-East and in the Asian Subcontinent. The duo continuously travel worldwide performing both their own music (heard on the album The Seed and Senses), as well as covering popular songs from around the world from Western pop classics to well known songs from the Asian Subcontinent.

“This album (The Seed) isn’t about just making things that sound cool and new. Both artists have a long, invested and humble relationship with the traditions which they draw on. The combination of cultures is anything but a clash: it’s harmony, it’s creation and it’s beautiful.”The IndieBerlin review

“Uplifting mesmerising, everything that you want music to do!” – BBC Asian Network

“At the top of their game…He’s a wonderful guitarist!” – Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Tanya Wells is British/ Swiss and spent several childhood years living in North India where language, diverse music and culture informed the ears and imagination of this talented singer. Her flexible vocal style (attributed to years of having learnt North Indian classical vocal) has given her opportunities to perform with world renown artists such as sitarist Anoushka Shankar (Cannes Film festival 2014), soul singer Joss Stone (Mama Stones 2013), Arabic vocalist Natacha Atlas (Ronnie Scotts 2016) as well as lay down vocals for award winning film composers such as A.R. Rahman and Nitin Sawhney.

With a double Masters (with distinction) in International Performance Research, Tanya now embraces the praxis of bringing cultures together to tell stories through music.

Paulo Vinícius
from Brazil has studied music with some of the world’s top classical guitarists, namely Pablo Marquez, Franz Halász and Fabio Zanon, which has equipped him with a versatile, dynamic technique and a captivating stage presence. From a background of European classical training to performing as part of the ‘Live Music Now’ series (founded by Yehudi Menuhin) as well as Brazilian acclaim (winner of the Prêmio Revelação, Raphael Rabello Award) Paulo brings a rich and varied experience as Musical Director and along with Tanya Wells, he expresses a wealth of diverse influences that characterise the duo.

“He is one of the most outstanding exhibits of the Brazilian guitar school.” – Franz Halász

“Paulo displays an extreme sensitivity for music, sharp mind, quick response to unforeseen circumstances and work organisation.” – Fábio Zanon


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