This song is about enjoying the ‘dance’ of the present moment, where ‘we don’t fret and worry about the future, we don’t carry the weight of the past’. This will be the third release of a Seven Eyes creation for our Patreon Page.
All rights resevered © Seven Eyes 2017

Music composed by Tanya Wells and Paulo Vinícius, recorded at Chederrecords in Brazil. Video directed, edited and shot in San Diego, California in June 2017 by Nepal Arslam.

The Making Of The Seed

Blue In The Flame from Seven Eyes’ debut album The Seed (2017)
Directed, filmed and edited by Anand Singh.
Starring dancer Shan Shan.
Violin played by Pt. Prabhakar Dhakde Guruji.
Written, arranged and performed by Seven Eyes.
Produced by Shammi Pithia.
All rights resevered. © Seven Eyes 2016

The Seed from Seven Eyes’ debut album The Seed (2017)
Written, arranged, produced and performed by Seven Eyes.
Recorded in Cheddarrecords Studios
Video made by Untitled Sessions, Uberlândia, Brazil.
All rights resevered. © Seven Eyes 2017

O Re Piya cover by Seven Eyes
Recorded in Chederrecords Studios
Video filmed and edited by Raphael Mollica