Our TRIMS on Mun Kunto Maula which was released exclusively for our patrons earlier this year is now public for you all.. there we discussed our second release of 2020, a version of the classic qawwali Mun Kunto Maula.

Listen to our version of Mun Kunto Maula on your preferred platform here:
https://songwhip.com/seven-eyes/mun-kunto-maula and become our patron by going to http://www.patreon.com/seveneyes where you can join and so view exclusive content like this and many more videos.


It is a difficult time, but I can’t do anything else then music!The fact is that music blends with my development ever since I can remember, so this becomes my natural and essential function in this journey of life from a very young age, and as a consequence of this realisation comes acceptance and understanding in relation to material detachment or concern about the “financial stability” so desired by all.Please join us in this concert, this will help us raise funds to put our new creations out there to you all!

Our online Garden Concert is coming up very soon and we are so excited to have such beautiful musicians as Manish Madankar, Ken Zuckerman and Alexandre Cellier on board with us…
Do not wait any longer and book your tickets now on www.seveneyesofficial.com

Tickets are by donation with any amount you would like and by being part of this you are helping us raise necessary funds to finish our new album. If everything goes well we wish to release it early next year..
Hope lots of you can join us for this one-off event!

Seven Eyes

This is the third year since we moved to this beautiful place and we are currently organising our third Garden Concert on 28th Aug, which we are happy to invite you to!

Tickets by donations at:

We are going to enjoy a musical evening at the garden of our house with several international artists and all funds will be reverted on the production of our upcoming album 2020 album project.

By getting your tickets and supporting this campaign, you will receive an exclusive link to watch the concert live on Friday, August 28.

Due to Covid-19 this year we are hiring a video and sound crew so we can stream this live online. You’ll receive a link to watch the concert live on YouTube from the comfort of your home or also if you’re traveling/busy during the moment of the show.

We hope that we can all celebrate this moment together…


Postponed CarinhosoDue to various technical problems we experienced last night we were sadly prevented from going live on our YouTube channel. Instead, we decided to record and stream it tonight at the same time planned for yesterday which is 8pm CET. Come and join us for the occasion of the launch of our new single Carinhoso and most importantly, to raise funds in support of Afro-Brazilian culture, community and education. All donations will go to the Orùnmilá Cultural Center, which help the community in these times of pandemic by distributing masks and food to those who desperately need it in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.
Hope to see you there on YouTube.com/seveneyes 8pm CET tonight!!!