Craigie Hill

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic Gaelic folk song every now and then?
I first heard Craigie Hill when I was about sixteen, sung beautifully by Irish vocalist Cara Dillon (Black Is The Colour album). Craigie Hill tells the tale of two lovers deciding to set voyage on sea to seek there fortune in America, bidding adieu to the bonny banks of Ireland.

Around two years ago in LA we spoke to Matt Malley, bass player of Counting Crows discussing music and his Irish roots. He turned Paulo and I on to the same song but sung by Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan. This version is raw and powerful and brings a tear to the eye of a California dwelling Irish descendant such as Malley. It moved us too. We decided to cover it.


This cover is one song of many songs around the world that we will interpret, record and upload on our PATREON page.

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