New year, new single – N38

!Happy New Year!

To kick off 2018 we are delighted to be launching our new single N38 today on all digital platforms worldwide.
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The song tells the story of a woman who chances upon her past love on a London night bus (N38) on her journey home, expressing the perturbation that ensues by this surprise encounter. We like to think it sounds a bit like Adele taking a hike in Memphis with a truck load of Tennessee musicians, with a dusting of East London’s night vibes springled on top…hmmm. Maybe you’ll see what I mean when you see and hear it.

We also have a wonderfully made music video for it thanks to Anthony McHugh (who shot and edited the video) and our talented chums Caitlin McLoed and Bertrand Lesca, who usually perform and direct plays out and about London and who so very kindly joined us on two night shoots in the cold and rain.

Some of you are our loyal patrons and having you on our patron platform is a great insentive for us to keep producing videos like this one, with great audio and visuals for you to enjoy.
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Finally, we will be spending the next few months recording new songs for our next album…but more of that later.

Seven Eyes x

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