TRIMS – Pakistan part II

The Road Is My Song

Seven Eyes perform at Kuch Khaas, Islamabad


We sat underneath warm heaters that lit up everyone’s faces with a red glow. More delicious food was served: channa masala, chicken biriyani, palak paneer, one after the other, our stomachs full. ‘Just you wait for the dessert!’ says Kuch Khaas founder, Michelle Tania Butt. And oh yes, we went for the succulent jalebi as well, overlooking the sparking lights of the city from the Margala Hills.

Our first visit to Islamabad was so warmly and generously received by the members of Kuch Khaas that we look back at our experience there with a warm feeling in our tummies and hearts.

The day before our performance, an interview with PTV was arranged for us where we were able to perform our original songs as well as much loved Urdu songs, like Faiz’s Gulon Mein Rang Bhare and the ever popular Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo on Pakistan’s national television. We were interviewed at length by our host, Omar Khalid Butt, discussing much of our creative process with songwriting, our experiences with music worldwide, our inspirations and aspirations for our music.

On the 24th November at 7:00pm we performed at an intimate theatre space called Islamabad Club. Eveything was perfectly brought together by Kuch Khaas. We arrived at Islamabad Club to a grand and well designed backdrop for our performance. Flowers were brought in and everything was shaping up to look like a wonderful production. Hot sweet masala chai came at just the right time for all of the musicians who were given ample time to warm up and prepare for the upcoming concert.

Seven Eyes accomapnied by fabulous Lahori musicians. From left, Mehmood ul Hassan Khan (tabla), Akmal Qadri (bansuri), Javeed Iqbal (violin), Mujahid Hussain (music director)

The concert comprised of a wide spectum of songs that varied in style and language, from Irish folk songs, well loved Urdu songs, qawwali and Seven Eyes’ songs from our debut album The Seed. We had a warm rapport from the audience throughout, some of whom were locals and some of whom, we were told, had driven long distances to reach the venue. The honorable ambassador of Argentina, Ivan Ivanissevich was also present and congratulated us after the show.


The performace was also recorded by Kuch Khaas which is available to view on this link HERE.  Below is just one of the lovely responses that we received on our Seven Eyes website, which warmed our hearts:

“I heard your songs and recording of Islamabad performance. You did an amazing job to sing such difficult songs. Your performance was outstanding and beautiful. God bless you and thank you for spreading this beautiful music around the globe.
Best wishes”
Shaukat /USA

Overall, we had a fantastic experience and the standing ovation really goes to Kuch Khaas. As an organisation we commend their commitment to upholding a platform that engages the local community with meaningful cultural events, dialogue, learning and societal participation. Their professional attitude and friendly demeanor left a lasting impression on us and we encourage their support and wish them longlasting success in Islamabad and beyond.

Hoping to perform with Kuch Khaas in Islamabad again in future!

Over’n out for now.
Seven Eyes


Seven Eyes before the famous Shah Faisal Masjid, Islamabad

IMG_8957.JPGEating out at The Monal on Margala Hills with the Kuch Khaas crew. From left, Paulo Vinícius, Tanya Wells, Naveed Mann, Michelle Butt, Farrukh Ahmed.

IMG_8929.JPGPaulo passing as a local pathan/ pashtun.


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