Mumbai Night Drive

We are delighted to share our first single of the year with you!
Mumbai Night Drive is the first of twelve monthly single releases which we will drop throughout 2020.
This tune began its formation whilst Tanya Wells was studying music in India. She collaborated with local Mumbai artists’ Ryan Sadri (saxophone), Rhys D’souza (saxophone) and Mohit Gangani (tabla) in 2015 to lay down the initial track in Mumbai’s Cotton Press Studio and later recorded the drums with Marcelo Moraes, guitar and bass by Seven Eyes co-founder Paulo Vinícius, bansuri by Shakthidhar Iyer and additional vocals by Koushik Aithal. Artwork by Shan Shan Lim.
Mumbai Night Drive is inspired by the city’s captivating atmosphere and its endless stream of stories told by its city dwellers. From the cobbled streets of colonial Colaba to Marine Drive where the bay curves and streetlights seem to form a pearl necklace on the neck of the Arabian sea, Mumbai Night Drive conjures up a dreamy rhapsody on the city that never sleeps.
Driving through the golden lights
Streetlights muttering city secrets
Oh you can’t hide from the lights
Always watching
Listening, whispering secrets to the sea,
Secrets to the sea.
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