Mun Kunto Maula

Check out our second single of 2020 – Mun Kunto Maula.
This song is a cover of a traditional Sufi qawwali, written by poet, scholar, musician and mystic Hazrat Amir Khusro in the 13th century AD. 
Mun Kunto Maula is supposedly the first known composed qawwali (devotional music of the Sufis). A very popular qawwali on the Indian Subcontinent we have attempted our own version of this traditional song.
Initially recorded in Helsinki during The Seed tour in 2017 with Paulo Vinícus on guitar, Sérgio Oliveira on bass, Marcelo Moraes on drums and singer Tanya Wells, we wanted to record that in a unique way incorporating Western instruments and harmonies. We had the chance to perform Mun Kunto Maula at several festivals on the Indian Subcontinent and it has always proven to be a special moment in our repertoire due to the qawwali’s uplifting sentiments.
Tanya Wells – Vocals
Paulo Vinícius – Guitars
Sérgio Oliveira – Bass
Marcelo Moraes – Drums
Shakthidhar Iyer – Bansuri
Gurdain Singh Rayatt – Tabla
… and a very special guest, one of our very own patrons, Horacio Albertolli played the harmonium for this song. Thank you Horacio for enhancing our single and giving us all the support!
Artwork by Shan Shan Lim 
We hope you enjoy listening to it. 
With love,

Seven Eyes


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