This Moment

This Moment is Seven Eyes’ latest single, one of twelve singles Seven Eyes are dropping on the 7th of each month throughout 2020. Initially recorded live in Helsinki during their tour of The Seed album and later completed in Geneva and mixed at BR Chaves Studios in Brazil, the song has evolved to include electric instruments (guitar, keyboard) to give it a distinctive sound typical of nu soul.

This Moment ArtworkThis Moment is about savouring the ‘dance’ of the present moment.

Lyrics and melody came quickly to the duo after walking home in pink hued streets after sunset in Uberlândia, Brazil. Tanya wrote the lyrics, Paulo came up with the melody on his guitar, both aiming to capture the beauty and serenity of the present moment – which ultimately can be experienced as a state of mind.

This Moment is now available to stream on all digital platforms worldwide.
Click HERE to listen on your chosen platform.

Tanya Wells – voice
Paulo Vinícius – Guitar, keyboard
Asaf Sirkis – Drums
Sérgio Oliveira – Bass guitar

Artwork by Shan Shan Lim

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